Essential Tools Required For Cleaning Drains

The pipeline and the duct system have a very vital role to play in the house. From air conditioning, wiring to chimneys, they are a big system. But the most important use of pipes is with the drainage system. It has a central role in maintaining the overall hygiene of the house. They take all the liquid waste out and leave the space for good. This is why they require frequent cleaning. Now, drain cleaning from Seattle is something that is best done by experts to get the right set of results.

Here are some of the tools that are used by these professionals from


Even for a DIY type of drain cleaning, plungers are a very common tool. However, they are equally important like any other tool in the process. They are very essential in getting the drainage working in case of minor clogs or restarting their stopped working. They come in different sizes based upon the requirement of the drain.


Snake is a tool which is a long and wired tube-like structure that is used to push the blockages forward in their course inside the pipes. It has a grip on the handle that aids in its effective handling. The flexibility of this tube for adapting into pipe bend is what accounts for its name.

Wire Brushes

This is a very important tool, as it tends to remove the chances of future re-clogging. Wire brushes clean the inner linings of the pipe for the oil accumulations and sludge that can stick objects to form clogs again.

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